Their days are over. Our nights are here.

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shots fired.


slowly progressing burial at sea 2, and came across the songbird - elizabeth imprinting scene. there’s something sweet about it.

[ Artist ~ Leiji Matsumoto]

(Fuente: oria-9)


Commercial for the AV Famicom.


Commercial for the AV Famicom.


I am lucky to have a copy of Brutus Magazine’s special Katsuhiro Otomo issue.  I thought it’d be nice to share the wealth.  The magazine is full of tons of awesome pictures of Otomo’s work, Otomo in the studio, and even Otomo hanging out with Takehiko Inoue.  How cool is that?  One really cool thing is a few pages of shelfie’s (I included his movie collection here).

The magazine also came with a short comic by Otomo called Park, which I included a few pages of.

 Unfortunately, I can’t read japanese, so I need a friend to come and translate the whole thing for me.  They could read it to me like a bedtime story.  Otomo is a huge inspiration and I’ll add this beauty to my collection of his stuff.  More rare Otomo to come later!


breaking news: scientists discover the reason the dinosaurs went extinct.


It doesn’t come from sky.


[image: A window display in what appears to be an electronics store, with shelves lined with television sets and large SALE stickers on the window. A small group of people outside the store are staring at the TVs through the window; one person is pointing at one of the TVs. On each screen, Pulseman (Spark) can be seen, gesturing outward with a pointing finger, slightly similar to the gesture he makes toward the player at the start of the game. There is a short note scribbled under the drawing by Sugimori.]

Note (Japanese): モニタにうつるスパーク

Note (Mod’s English translation): "Spark appearing in monitors"

Caption (Japanese): 
存在ですが、当初は普通のテレ ビに出現する存在でした。

Caption (Mod’s English translation): 
Hero reflecting in the TV screens
In the Pulseman game, he lives in the computer network.
Originally, he appeared in ordinary televisions.

Early Pulseman concept art by Ken Sugimori.

(Fuente: rekall)


A dog is a man’s sword’s best friend.


Megan Reed’s office from Deus Ex: Human Revolution recreated in CryEngine 3 by fan artist jovcem.


Astro Boy by Ashley Wood

(Fuente: theartofanimation)

Transistor fanart 



(Fuente: pixelatedcrown)


roboooooo :D

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